Gold Roe 6mm-14mm steelhead, salmon trout Fishing beads

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One package of Troutbeads Gold Roe.

To fish these beads, simply slide your line through the hole. Next, tie on your hook at the end of the line. Finally, insert a toothpick into the hole and snap it off to affix the bead about an inch above the hook. Then fish as you would any salmon egg or egg fly.

Troutbeads, a great single egg imitation. Colors selected imitate the single eggs rolling down the river that fish can't resist! Peg them your line, Tie them on your line, use them to build spinners, or crawler harnesses.

PACKAGE QUANTITIES 6mm-50ct, 8mm-40ct, 10mm-30ct, 12mm-20ct, 14mm-15ct

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