11'3", 13', 12' Lamiglas Graphite Black Gloss Blank Spin Fishing Rod-New

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Redline 'CenterSpin' HS12CS ' 6-15# 12'0" 2-Piece
'The Most Versatile Float Rod on the Market'

The HS 12 CS 'CenterSpin' from the Redline series is a 12'0" 2-Piece Steelhead & Salmon rod that you can use with either a CenterPin reel, or a Spinning Reel.

It is highly capable of a multitude of float (bobber) fishing situations. This rod has an efficient tip that can mend lines very smoothly, it's also the most accurate rod you'll ever cast for placing the float exactly where you need it. This gives the angler the advantage of intricate line control.

These rods have the taper to protect a light 6lb leader for steelhead, but can also lean back on a bigger steelhead or salmon, with even up to 15lb leaders.

Anglers who like to float fish for steelhead, salmon or both will be surprised at how versatile this rod is, and how capably it handles fish. HS 12 CS

Centerpin & Spinning Reel Ready

12'0" 2-Piece

6-15 lb.

1/4 - 3/4 oz.

Graphite Black Gloss Blank

Rubber Sliding Rings for choosing any reel position, fitting any reel seat size.

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