Lamiglas X-11 Spinning Fishing Rod Cork Handle

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Weight: 2.50 LBS
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X-11 w/ Cork Handle

Versatile series featuring broad range of spinning and casting models. Sleek clear coated Graphite finish. Stainless steel SeaGuide guide frame with Aluminum Oxide rings. Technique-specific action are built to suit the serious angler at an affordable price point. 2 piece. Classic cork handles.

LX 96 LS | X11 9'6" 6-10 lb. Spin (Steelhead Float, Side-Drift, Spinner)

Lightweight and sensitive 6-10lb rod. Excellent choice for fishing light floats, #3 & #4 spinners and side-drifting. Anglers also use as a longer rod to cast bait rigs into lakes for trout due to its ability to get good distance with a 1/4 oz weight. 

X-11 Series in Cork Handle configuration.

9'6" 2-Piece

6-10lb line

LX 96 MS | X11 9'6" 8-12lb Spin (Steelhead Float/Drift/Spinner)

X-11 Series in Cork Handle configuration.


8-12lb Spinning

This medium-action rod has everything: length, backbone and balance. Works excellent as a float rod, hardware rod or drift rod. Also available in pink finish – one of our top sellers in the steelhead market.

LX 106 MLS | X11 10'6" 6-12 lb. Spin (Steelhead Float)

X-11 Series in Cork Handle configuration.

10'6 2-Piece

6-12 lb line

Matched to salmon & steelhead techniques with strong, sensitive action. This model is ideal for float fishing jigs, beads, bait and other bobber techniques.



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