Death Roe 5/16" Soft Scented Beads

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To easily achieve a natural presentation that will increase your catch rate, tie on some Death Roe Soft Eggs the next time you are after Steelhead. These soft eggs are made using a high-end durable soft plastic in a variety of unique color options. The Scented Soft Egg Chain is infused with an anise scent and has a lifelike buoyancy that fish cannot resist! Soft, scented, and deadly

  • Lifelike buoyancy
  • Infused with an anise scent
  • High-end, durable soft plastic
  • Great for trout or salmon
  • All packs include nine glass rigging beads in three different colors

The Death Roe Scented Soft Egg Chain is made in the U.S.A.

1/4” size has 24 beads

5/16” size has 20 beads

3/8” size has 18 beads

1/2” size has 10 beads

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