Fishing Sure Shot 100g Split Shot No. 6

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You are looking at 50g bag of lead split shot used for float fishing size #6 ....Super Soft Shot premium Lead Split Shot is soft and easy to pinch on the line.It is perfectly round to reduce line twist.Once positioned the shot holds tight on the line without damage.

Round Shot that Grabs Line and Holds Well Without Damaging Line.

Shot size is #6

Raven stepped it up again with their Super Soft premium Lead Shot. A definite upgrade.
This shot goes on easier and stays better and it comes in two colors, natural raw and camo brown.

Forged from a super soft lead alloy to ensure a solid hold on the line yet prevent any line damage. Raven Super Soft Shot is the ideal choice for even the most discriminating steelheader. Available in extra low visibility Camo Brown or standard Raw Gray.