Raven Matrix Float/Centerpin Fishing Reel 4 3/4"

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Weight: 2.50 LBS
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These reel has a sleek, ergonomic design, with a large 5 1/8″ and 4 3/2" diameter. The MATRIX™ XL offers quicker line retrieve and balances perfectly with long rods - the ultimate complement for the RAVEN® 15′ IM8 rod. Features an adjustable "coin slot" tension screw to make on-the-river adjustments a breeze.

· Aircraft grade aluminum

· Integral low-profile reel foot

· Coin slot adjustable tension screw

· High strength stainless steel spindle

· Twin shielded ball bearings

· Low profile On/Off ratchet

· Fully ported backplate

The MATRIX™ offers the same ergonomic design and great value as the Matrix centerpin reel but features a larger diameter and extensive machining on the spool. The lightweight design delivers faster start-up and even better performance. Features an adjustable "coin slot" tension center screw.

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