Raven Fishing Balsa Float Fast Shallow Float 1.0g-5.0gr 2-pack

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The RAVEN float system was specifically developed for river Steelhead and Salmon fishing. A RAVEN float is now available for virtually any river condition and depth. Sporting a high-visibility Fluorescent Red tip and a subtle matte black body, these balsa floats feature a high-strength, one-piece fiberglass stem. Every fixed-stem float is designed to take 3/32″ RAVEN Silicone Tubing or Fluorescent Orange RAVEN Tip Top Tubing on the top and 1/16″ RAVEN Silicone Tubing on the stem, to allow anglers to change float size or model quickly as river conditions vary, without having to cut and re-tie. FS stands for fast current and shallow water depth. 2 floats per pack.