Okuma Aventa 13'6" Fixed Fishing Seat

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AVENTA Float Rod

Okuma Aventa float rods represent an exceptional value in smooth-casting, highly capable center pin rods. Their graphite blanks are balanced to fish Okuma Aventa float reels, providing a complete and efficient system for covering water.

- Balanced rod actios for the Aventa
- Sensitive graphite blank construction
- Tall frame guides for line control
- Aluminum Oxide guide inserts
- Reel seat or slip ring models
- Hight quality cork grips

Model Rod Seat Rod Taper Rod Length Line Weight Sections Foregrip length Foregrip length Reargrip length Number of Guides Weight (g)

VT-S-1363FR-2 fixed seat M 13'6" 4~8lbs 1/8~3/8 3-pcs 19-1/4" total length 13+Tip 181

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