Maxima Ultragreen 27 yard 3lb,4lb, 6lb, 5lb, 8lb Tippet Fishing Leader

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Maxima Ultragreen Monofilament Leader Material features Maxima's tough, high durability finish for exceptional abrasion resistance. Popular for use in both freshwater and saltwater environments, Ultragreen Maxima features a soft and limp formula. Maxima Ultra Green Leader Material is great for all species and water conditions, use as a fly fishing leader and tippet material, as well as a general fishing line lead for various conventional uses. This line features a soft formula, much limper than Maxima Clear and Maxima Chameleon leader materials.

Use different test strengths to create your own Maxima Ultragreen leader kit
Qty. per Pack: 1

2 (6X) lb. 0.005 in. 27 yds.
3 (5X) lb. 0.006 in. 27 yds.
4 (4X) lb. 0.007 in. 27 yds.
5 (3X) lb. 0.008 in. 27 yds.
6 (2X) lb. 0.009 in. 27 yds.
8 (1X) lb. 0.010 in. 27 yds.
10 lb. 0.012 in. 27 yds.
12 lb. 0.013 in. 27 yds.
15 lb. 0.015 in. 27 yds.
20 lb. 0.017 in. 27 yds.
25 lb. 0.020 in. 27 yds.
30 lb. 0.022 in. 17 yds.
40 lb. 0.024 in. 17 yds.

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