GLS Trick Em' UV Steelhead Snot 6-10mm Trout Fishing Bead

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This "Buy It Now" item is for 1 pack of UV "STEELHEAD SNOT" TRICK EM BEADS produced by Great Lakes Steelhead Company. Choose between 8, 10 or 12 mm! The 2nd picture shows the beads under UV light. Beads have become a mainstay of steelhead, salmon and trout fishermen around the country. They offer an alternative to using roe.

Choose between three sizes:

6 mm - 35 Beads per package

8mm - 30 Beads per package

10mm - 15 Beads per package

12mm - 10 Beads per Package

The blue picture shows the UV light effect on the beads.

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