Drennan Zeppler Fishing Float 35gr 1 pack

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Float Fishing, Drennan Zeppler 35 g Fluorescent Slip Floats Pack of 1

The Drennan Crystal Zeppler Float is a stubby float that is ideal for deep flowing water and shallower rapids because of the wide shape that keeps it stable in a heavy current. This float can be fished as a fixed or slip float, and each float features a mark displaying a gram weight on the side. This weight is not the weight of the float itself, but rather the amount of weight in grams that the float will support.

The stubby Zeppler is ideal for wide rivers and runs steady through rough rapids. This slip float is ideal when fishing for steelhead, salmon and more. 1 float per pack.

Highly buoyant
Visible at distance
The Drennan Slip Float Zeppler is a steelhead fishing float with a wide variety of uses. The Zeppler can be employed using the following techniques:

Stillwater waggler style featuring float stops and link swivel
The streamlined Piker is also the perfect river float and can be fished slider style using a simple stop knot
Fixed between two float stops a the top and a float stop and bead at the bottom
The Drennan Zeppler Slip Float is available in the following sizes: 8g, 11g, 20g, 24g and 35g. 1 per pack. Clear body.

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