Drennan Crystal Avon Fishing Float 2.5gr-6gr 2 pack

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The Drennan Crystal Avon Float is designed for fishing in rivers or canals that have a steady low flow. Its crystal main body blends into the water, reducing the chance of being detected by fish. If the river depth is only one or two feet, any other float will be noticed by the fish as the presentation is so close to the float. Its widened mid-body increases stability in turbulent waters, reducing the wobbling effect. The thinning of the float's tail increases its sensitivity by reducing the friction when being pulled by a fish.

For spinning anglers, the Crystal Avon can be used to drift in small streams for cutthroat trout, rainbow trout and dolly varden. Ideally, this float should be used in two to six feet of water that has a slow current. Your other gear should match the float, therefore light line such as four pound test and small weights should be used.

The largest size is ideal for the small streams, whereas the smaller ones cannot withstand the current of most streams. In addition to the length, each float is marked with a gram weight on the side. This weight is not the weight of the float itself, but rather the amount of weight in grams that the float will support.

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