Blackbird Redwing Phantom Fishing Floats 10.5gr 2pk Red

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The Blackbird Phantom Floats are made in Canada by Redwing Tackle and are very popular for trout, steelhead, and salmon fishing. The models with the clear bottoms make them nearly invisible from below in the water. The Blackbird Phantom Floats also work well when fishing for crappie or panfish in clearer/shallower water. These floats can easily be used for slip float style fishing, are constructed using 1 solid piece of plastic, and are very durable.

• Includes silicon tubing to hold the line in place on the top and bottom of the float
• Qty. per pack: 2

Made by blow-moulded plastic, they are light and extremely tough. Being clear, they are unobtrusive and their buoyancy offers excellent visibility in turbulent water. These floats can be used for fishing everything from steelhead, pan fish, and more. We'd recommend using these floats in clear water conditions as the visible tip and see through body add a great level of stealth to your entire float fishing set-up.
• Unobtrusive
• Blow-moulded plastic
• Highly buoyant
• Tough
• Durable
• Visible at distance

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