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Air-Lock Strike Indicators are now manufactured using a new biodegradable foam that surpasses the original plastic design in every sense! These foam indicators are 30% lighter than the previous version, and the lighter weight is advantageous in several ways. You can deliver casts easier and the Air-Lock touches down on the water more softly. Reduced splash lessens spooking fish as does the neutral-colored post that is less visible to them. For you, the foam strike indicator suspends 25% more weight on the water which means you will notice the softest takes that you may have missed previously. Additionally, the durable foam will not leak, dent, or crack! Air-Lock didn't change how to attach its strike indicator to the leader. Continue to detach the locking nut from the top, insert your leader into the groove, and then re-attach the nut. Everything is the same, but better! Join the movement to be a steward of the water by using biodegradable foam Air-Lock Strike Indicators!

* Secure, adjustable, and kinkless strike indicator won't slip or tangle
* Easy on-and-off action saves time on the water
* Simply loosen and slide indicator for on-the-fly depth adjustment
* Available in sizes ½", ¾"
* 6 per package

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