Raven IM6 11'6" Float Fishing Rod Sliding Ring

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RAVEN® Float Rods

  • IM6: This traditional action is ideally suited for lighter setups. Its relatively soft, cushioning action protects small hooks from ripping out and light lines from breaking.

RAVEN® offers the widest selection of float rod to provide whatever length and action is needed. Shorter float rods (RAVEN® 11'6" Steelheader) are more versatile, and can be used for a variety of fishing techniques, like bottom-bouncing and casting spinners. Longer rods are designed for a specific purpose; to maximize the control of your float. Extra long float rods (RAVEN® 15' IM8) not only increase float control, but are the best option when drifting floats through deep pools or fishing at extreme range.

The action of the rod is determined from the blank design and taper, as well as the type of graphite used in its construction. RAVEN® rod blanks are built from premium quality graphite on special purpose mandrels to deliver the exact action required.

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