Raven Fishing Balsa Float Fast Water Slip Float 7g-16g 2-pack

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1: The slender style casts great and gives little resistance to the bite.The design allows for jigging action without a lot of horizontal movement, you can stay in the strike zone longer. Does not make a big splash when casting to the water.

2: Balsa are light and sensitive. Very responsive when the fish takes the bait. Detect a light bite the Balsa slide freely up and down your fishing line. Line rarely tangles when casting. Very sensitive because there is less slack in the line and less tangling , you can feel the bites more easily on slow retrieves and you can be more confident that you aren't dragging a tangled line thru the water with no chance of catching a fish.

3: Super visible environment friendly low VOC paint scheme with water based varnish. Bright Top Balsa makes it easier to see when the fish take the bait. Balsa are the ultimate for fishing live bait at an SM depths. Just a quick adjustment of the Balsa stop puts the bait where you want it. Adjust the depth slide the Balsa stop up or down on the line, you can fish as deep or shallow as you'd like. Fishing Balsa are very effective for fishing.

4: Balsa have a hole thru them, they can slide up and down the fishing line. A small knot tied on the fishing line to stop the Balsa from sliding up the line. A small bead with a hole thru the center is slid on to the line. The knot should be big enough to stop the bead from sliding past the knot, but small enough to pass through the rod guides easily.

The RAVEN® float system was specifically developed for river Steelhead and Salmon fishing. A RAVEN® float is now available for virtually any river condition and depth. Sporting a high-visibility Fluorescent Red tip and a subtle matte black body, these balsa floats feature a high-strength, one-piece fibreglass stem. Every fixed-stem float is designed to take 3/32″ RAVEN® Silicone Tubing or Fluorescent Orange RAVEN® Tip Top Tubing on the top and 1/16″ RAVEN® Silicone Tubing on the stem, to allow anglers to change float size or model quickly as river conditions vary, without having to cut and re-tie.