Blood Run Tackle Float Line 300yd

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True floating mono with custom line conditioners mixed with nylon resins to create the perfect line for drift and float fishing.

Our floating mono has excellent knot strength, and will not absorb water or Ultra Violet rays which will impact traditional monofilament fishing lines.

Available in a variety of colors for different visibility conditions for both the fisherman to mend long drifts, as well as for low light conditions.

Super slippery and abrasion resistant for ease of sliding shot patterns and standing up to snagging trees, bushes, rocks and logs....this is one tough float line designed for hardcore float fishermen.


Float Leader:  Blood Run Tackle Super Fluorocarbon Float Leader in 8lb test was specifically designed for tying egg loops, skein hooks and steelhead jigs.   Though a 100% fluorocarbon leader, it is NOT the same as our fluorocarbon leader material which is much stiffer.   The fluorocarbon super soft design of the float leader results in smooth knot tying with low friction and a more natural roll and float of your bait presentation in river currents and bouncing off bottom structure.   Stiffer "leader material" would appear more rigid and hang straight down and bounce rather than roll in the current and off bottom structure as this float leader is designed to perform.    Available in clear 25 yard leader spools.

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